Patio & Walkway

Patio & Walkway


If you are looking to change your garden or patio in Fairfax, VA, why not call the team at RPM Property Services, over 20 years experience as patio builders with services for hardscaping, new patios and more throughout Greater Boston area including our Woburn region.

Here at, RPM Property Services, we believe we are the best at installing brick and stone patios in Fairfax, VA. Our patio contractors can go through design options with you and provide multiple options to help you choose the best option for the back of your residence in Fairfax, VA.

We can transform the back of your home into a place for outdoor cooking, entertaining, relaxing and a safe zone for children to run and play in. We tailor the patio to suit you and your requirements!

Out the front of your home, we provide a variety of options which includes building new walls, step building and new patterned concrete driveways.

Get An Amazing Patio Built Today in Fairfax, VA

From a range of natural stone choices which are laid by hand in concrete beds to using concrete pavers from Techo-bloc to Cambridge pavers. Each patio project is tailored to our customers to ensure the back of your home is beautiful all year round whilst providing optimal function.


As one of the leading patio contractors in Fairfax, VA, we undertake all types of patio work. Common call outs for our patio builders include: –


If you need to replace your old walkway in Fairfax, VA, either around your house, along the side path, in your garden or at the front of your home, RPM Property Services are the specialist for you. We service a wide area throughout Fairfax, VA & Greater Boston region.

RPM Property Services is a family run business that services throughout Fairfax, VA providing each customer with that personal touch! We are well known throughout the local area and because of this most of our work comes through recommendation.

We can provide you with a wide range of replacement or repair options for your walkway / pathway. These options include concrete, natural stone, brick pavers and asphalt.

We provide other service options including laying new patios, building walls and asphalt driveway installations in Fairfax, VA.


As one of the leading experts for installing new pathways, we undertake all types of surfacing work on paths. Common call outs for our team include: –