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About Us

RPM Property Services is one of the top rated and highly efficient roofing and masonry contractor based in Boston, MA. We specialize in all aspects of roofing, paving and masonry repair and rebuild jobs. Our Team provides exceptional service with quality work. With over 20 years of experience, we at RPM Property Services are experts you can trust for your next home or business project.

Our team consists of highly qualified and skilled craftsmen with loads of experience in the field. We offer free home visit consultations and quotations. Always encouraging customer feedback, as we continually strive to satisfy your needs.

You can count on RPM Property Services to restore, construct, or maintain the beauty of your home exterior, driveway,retaining walls, and stone paving. We can do that and much more, our highly qualified staff is always ready to take on those projects that make your home beautifull. We have the equipment, knowledge, and desire to assist you on your home improvement or any kind of roofing or masonry work.

Our Business Philosophy is simple, We show up when expected and deliver superior Roofing and Masonry service at a competitive rate. How do we always know what the customer wants? Communication -we listen to your needs, then follow through with your project to fit your specific needs. Satisfaction always guaranteed.